White Cube broadcast on Dutch television

16 November 2021

After screenings in art institutions and cinemas all around the world, from Jakarta to Lagos, a 55-minute version of White Cube will be shown on Dutch television on NPO 2 today, Tuesday November 16 at 22:38. After the broadcast, the piece can be streamed on npostart.nl for several weeks.

image: still from Plantations and Museums

Plantations and Museums

A new series of six short documentaries is released together with the TV screening of White Cube. In this series, Matthieu Kasiama and his colleagues unravel the hidden relations between plantations and art institutions. On a trip in NYC to exhibit his own sculptures, he meets with key thinkers, such as Simon Gikandi, Ariella Aïsha Azoulay and Zoë Strother, and tracks down the significance of art in the struggle against the plantation system.

In the Netherlands the series is available online here. For international viewers it will be published later. Details will follow.