CATPC launches Balot NFT collection with series of events in June

15 June 2022

To support the launch of the Balot NFT, CATPC members Ced'art Tamasala and Matthieu Kasiama will give a series of presentations:

– June 14, Art Basel (17.00 CET): CATPC members Ced'art Tamasala and Matthieu Kasiama will give a presentation about the Balot NFT for press and attendants in the KOW gallery booth. A first batch of the 306 atomized Balot NFTs will go on the market. The video installation Plantations and Museums will also be exhibited.

– June 15, Contracts for Earth (19.00 CET): Talk at Bundeskunsthalle think tank STUDIO BONN. Alongside design expert Julia Watson and UN diplomat Youssef Nassef, Ced'art Tamasala and Matthieu Kasiama will discuss new models of global cooperation that combine sustainability and global justice. It will be livestreamed on Bundeskunsthalle's Youtube.

– June 16, Art Basel Conversations (19.00 CET): CATPC artist talk on the Balot NFT. The program is accessible to the public for free. It will be livestreamed on Art Basel's Facebook and shared on their YouTube channel afterwards.

– June 21, documenta fifteen (13.00 CET): Matthieu Kasiama and Ced'art Tamasala participate in Jatiwangi Art Factory’s New Rural Agenda Summit.

– June 23, documenta fifteen (16.00 CET): Presentation of Balot NFT, ruruHaus, Arts Collaboratory.