CATPC artists lecture at the 2020 Yale ISTF conference

1 January 2020

The annual conference of the International Society of Tropical Foresters at Yale, themed: Restoration for What and for Whom?, will include an artist talk by Ced’art Tamasala and Matthieu Kasiama. Matthieu and Ced’art will present the White Cube program and share their perspectives on tropical forestry and ecosystem restoration.

About the 2020 Yale ISTF conference:

The year 2020 marks the deadline for many international climate change and conservation targets, yet most goals and promises remain unfulfilled … As countries around the world ramp up their pledges to restore tropical ecosystems, we need to re-examine our approach. What is being restored? Why is restoration necessary in the first place? Who will benefit from restoration efforts and who will lose out?

Matthieu and Ced’art will speak on Saturday, the first of February, between 10:40 and 11:30.