Mbuku Smash Hit at Art Brussels

16 April 2015

Mbuku Kimpala’s 'Self-potrait of a Naked Woman' was listed as one of the 8 strongest works at Art Brussels by renowned curator Zoë Gray. Mbuku is a young star within the CATPC, her first statue being a self-portrait with an intrinsic statement of being proud to be naked and beautiful, and "accepting what God gave her." She advocates that, "a woman must always be proud of her body, even if she owns only one single dress.” Her remarkable empowered view of her body, is contrasted by what we might consider to be adverse conditions; she make 32 $ per month and has 4 children and is 21 years old. Despite this she is happy and excited by the opportunity to express her mind and also earn a better living.

Mbuku made a courageous decision in making this artwork; she says: “when I made my first big statue I was afraid because my fellow villagers
criticized me a lot. For me it was important to show what is in my heart. That is why I dared make this. I was so happy when it arrived in Europe and people there liked it."

Zoë made a good pick, this post-colonial artwork, can show us new values, and inspire us (men and women) with courage and acceptance in the face of adversity.