Opening of Ibrahim Mahama’s “The Judgement of the White Cube” exhibition

25 February 2022

CATPC's autonomous education program "Luyalu" – On February 25, CATPC launches a long-term educational program for the decolonization of the plantation. The program will be co-initiated by Selom Kudjie (director of SCCA, Tamale, Ghana) and artist Ibrahim Mahama. It is based on deep thought: muzindu and composition: kukungika, and is for both children and adults.

Solo show Ibrahim Mahama – Ghanaian artist Ibrahim Mahama has long striven to bring together seemingly distinct value chains, from commodity extraction from the continent, to value creation within the art world. In Lusanga he will use his signature jute cocoa bags to cover the White Cube as well as a number of palm trees. This will be Mahama’s first institutional solo show in Central Africa. Opening February 25, 2022.