Balot NFT global press coverage

February 2022

Human Activities & CATPC's project on digital retribution through the construction of an NFT has received widespread attention from the press, including BerlinArtLink, Richmond Times-Dispatch, ArtNews, ArtNet, Het Parool, The Guardian and ArtDaily.

"The soft refusal from the Virginia museum could be seen as part of a greater gridlock of misunderstanding between steely Western institutions, who have highly specified ways of operating, and the avant-garde thinking that has emerged in former colonial regions, who also have a more intimate and informed way of relating to the works their communities created. Tamasala said their blockchain appropriation of the object has allowed them to “bypass the problem and finally have the sculpture and create our world.”

- Kate Brown in ArtNet

"A back and forth with Ariella Aïsha Azoulay in her office at Brown prompt some of Matthieu Kasiama and Cedart Tamasala’s most sophisticated reflections on their own project: will becoming “experts” on the work and its history change them? Will the museum they are creating be a site of liberation and community building, or will it end up as just another museum?"

- William Kherbek in BerlinArtLink