This edition of The Matter of Critique was the second instalment of the conference series and was hosted in Lusanga in September 2015. It focused on Congolese artists and academics, as well as the local community, including (former) plantation workers. What do they want and need? Can we find a way in which Congo no longer will serve the art world of art, but the art world Congo?

The premises of a Research Centre for Art and Economic Inequality were discussed at this conference. Participants included:

Professor Charles Sikitele-Gize of L’Université de Kinshasa (UNIKIN) in Kinshasa, historian, Professor Mayombo from the Institut Supérieur Pédagogique in Kikwit, also a historian, Pathy Kapinga Tshindele, visual artist and alumnus of the Rijksacademie Amsterdam, Serge Kakudji, countertenor, Jean Mukenid Katambayi, visual artist, and plantation workers such as Mbuku Kipala and Emery Mohamba. The conference was co-hosted by anthropologist Katrien Pype.