Human Activities improves future sculptures with refined palm oil


At Human Activities’ Research and Development, we are working tirelessly to test new materials for our sculptures. In a one-year research project, generously supported by the Culture fund of the ABN-AMRO bank, the team has invented materials in many ways superior to chocolate alone.

Adding refined palm oil to the sculptures makes them more rigid, more heat resilient and less inclined to fracture. Also, by replacing cacao fats with palm oil derivatives, we have managed to shave over 65% off our direct materials cost. In addition we have eased manufacturing processes up to the point where we hardly need any skilled labour in the course of production. These improvements lead to an unprecedented surge in unit value added, all the while maintaining the appreciated chocolate smell and feel. To ensure sustainability, we are aiming for a transition to RSPO certified palm oil before the end of 2020. This leap in cost-efficiency allows a greater revenue for the Congolese workers who have created the sculptures.