White Cube on the front page of The New York Times

22 April 2021

"Much to be said on the politics of attention - still, a White Cube on an exhausted plantation in Central Congo works."

“My most ardent wish for the Lusanga museum is that it be a support for the repatriation of our hijacked art,”
Jean-Francois Mombia Atuku

“Apart from the artwork that has been taken away from here, there were diamonds, gold, palm oil, so many things." (..) "If we need to restitute something, we need to restitute all of that, not just the art.”
Cedart Tamasala

“Unilever has had no involvement in the D.R.C. plantations since selling them well over 10 years ago.”

“Where does art take place? Where is art allowed to attract capital, visibility, and legitimacy for people"