The Matter of Critique

starting 22.09.2016

IHA will host the third edition of the conference The Matter of Critique, that will take place on 22, 23 and 24 September 2016 in Lusanga, Congo.

In the build up to the opening of LIRCAEI, the conference it will address the function and goals of such a research center, located in rural Africa. How have other Congolese artistic projects mediated their mission within a capitalist reality? How can an inclusive space that acknowledges economic realities also take an active role in redressing them ? The conference will explore ways to make use of art and creativity,  rural land, current value chains and the research centre as speculative tools.

Speakers include, amongst others: Ariella Azoulay (Brown, Providence), Eva Barois De Caevel (Curator, Paris), Filip De Boeck (KU Leuven), Cécile Fromont (University of Chicago), Erick Kassongo (Centre Congolais pour le Développement Durable)Sarah Van Beurden (Ohio University), Bruno Lapika Dimomfu (UNIKIN, Kinshasa), Elikia M’Bokolo (EHESS, Paris), Suhail Malik (Goldsmiths, London), Edmond Mayambo (ISP, Kikwit), Jean-François Mombia (campaigner, RIAO-RDC)