Renzo Marten: from ‘Enjoy Poverty ‘ to ‘White Cube’ (click to watch online), with Renzo Martens, Irene Kanga (CATPC), Matthieu Kasiama (CATPC), Ced’art Tamasala (CATPC), Ama van Dantzig (Dr. Monk) and Alphonse Muambi (lobbyist and writer), De Balie, Amsterdam — November 27, 2020
Perspectives from the Post-Plantation, with Ced’art Tamasala (CATPC) and Mathieu Kasiama (CATPC), Yale ISTF, New Haven — February 1, 2020
Art in a Time of Catastrophe: What Are Artists and Art Organizations Doing?, with Ced’art Tamasala (CATPC) and Renzo Martens (Human Activities), Mori Art Museum, Japan — December 15, 2018
Financializing Critique (with Suhail Malik), KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin — November 18, 2018
Reverse GentrificationKW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin — November 18, 2018
The Heritage of the Future, NT Gent, Gent — September 30, 2018
Het Ritme van Kunst, The Notion Of Time In The Interaction Of The Arts And Sciences, Bozar, Brussels (Dutch, with Pascal Gielen) — June 20, 2017
New Utopia, Stuk, Leuven (with David Gianotten, OMA) — May 4, 2017
Renzo Martens from the Institute for Human Activities, Goldsmiths, London — November 28, 2016
De Balie x IDFA Special: Beeldbepalers met Renzo Martens, De Balie, Amsterdam — November 11, 2016

Art and Economic Inequality, KOW, Berlin — June 7, 2016
Artist talk: Renzo Martens in conversation with Kolja Reichert, Galerie nächst St. Stephan Rosemarie Schwarzwälder, Vienna — October 23, 2015
On the Institute for Human Activities, Contemporary Art Days 2015, Malmö – October 15, 2015
Ethics, Whitechapel Gallery, London — June 11, 2015
The Matter of Critique, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin — May 1-June 7, 2015
Art and Politics NowStarr Auditorium, Tate Modern, London — March 16, 2015
Kunstavond XLV2_ Institute for the Unstable Media, Rotterdam — March 6, 2015
Straight from the Horse’s MouthArtes Mundi conference, Cardiff — January 22, 2015
Artist Organisations International: Solidarity & UnionisingHebbel am Ufer Berlin, Berlin — January 9-11, 2015
Culture Now: Renzo MartensThe Institute of Contemporary Arts, London — December 12, 2014
Artist Talk: Renzo Martens and the Institute for Human Activities, MIT List Visual Art Center, Cambridge — May 16, 2014
Gentrifying the Congo: A Conversation with Artist Renzo Martens, CUNY Graduate Center, New York City — May 9, 2014
More news on the Institute for Human ActivitiesStädelschule, Frankfurt  — April 30, 2014
The artist as entrepreneur – creating change in Congo, Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival (CPH:DOX) — November 14, 2013
Scandalous – Nina Möntmann Interviews Renzo Martens, Iaspis, Stockholm — November 6, 2013
Off-Site Panel: Art and Media in Congo, Congo in Harlem Film Festival, New York — October 18, 2013
Artist’s Talk: Renzo Martens, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis — October 17, 2013
One True Art – 16 Responses to the Question What Art is, Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid — September 28, 2013
Phantasma und Politik #3: Renzo Martens on the Institute for Human Activities, Hebbel Am Ufer, Berlin — September 22, 2013
Ibraaz: Renzo Martens, ‘The Institute for Human Activities’, University College London — May 22, 2013
Lecture: On the Institute for Human Activities, Kunstenfestivaldesarts, WIELS, Brussels — May 8-11, 2013
The politics of the social in contemporary art, Starr Auditorium, Tate Modern, London — February 15, 2013
Renzo Martens: On the Institute for Human Activities, Städelschule, Frankfurt — July 2012