Human Activities has been identified by the tax authorities as a public benefit organization:
ANBI (Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling)


Stichting voor Menselijke Activiteiten
Human Activities

Postal address
Potgieterstraat 23H
1053 XP, Amsterdam
The Netherlands


RSIN taxnumber

VAT number


registration number at the Chamber of Commerce


Bank details
IBAN: NL72 TRIO 0198 3759 64


The Foundation aims at founding, managing and directing an institute that develops artistic, social, cultural and medical activities in accordance with the ideas and artistic vision of the artist Renzo Martens, who initiates the institute in the Netherlands and elsewhere in the world.

The activities of the foundation focus on fostering an awareness about economic inequality, especially in its relationship with critical art, with the aim to bend current global value chains and redress economic inequality.

The foundation seeks to achieve its objectives, by – among others – exhibiting and disseminating artistic and socio-cultural products, including – but not exclusively – films, art objects and non-material art produced by the institute and her partners; organising project related programmes; raising funds to support the its activities; founding, managing, controlling a headquarter and back office from which the above activities will be managed and controlled; designing, managing and maintaining a website.

The foundation does not aim to make profit.

Board members
Jacqueline L. Gerritsma, president
Hein P.M. van Woensel, secretary
Jan Theo Krol, treasurer
Boris R.C. Hilberdink, member
Guido P.J. van Staveren van Dijk, member
Remco H.J. Polman, member

2017 annual report Human Activities
2018 financial report Human Activities

Remuneration policy
The board members of Human Activities perform their work on a voluntary base. They receive an allowance for incurred expenses. Human Activities follows a competitive remuneration policy for employees and freelancers.